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Mar 27

Wow, is all I can say

By Rachael Jensen Posted in: NicolasBatum
There was two minutes to go in the fourth quarter and I was on my feet. It was from the front row of the 300 level that I watched the best Blazer game I have ever been to. I was at the Denver game a few weeks ago when Roy hit the three to send it to OT, I've been to two Laker games where my boys kicked butt, and I was at all the playoff games last year. But nothing compares to the feeling in the Rose Garden on Friday, it is Sunday and I can still muster chills just thinking about it. Everyone, and I mean everyone was on their feet... pretty sure Mr. Allen was too. The Players had to try and quiet the crowd to help Nic focus. Pretty sure that Patty was on his knees praying.

.9 seconds... in case you didn't see the period that was POINT 9 seconds! I was thinking for sure we were going to OT and well I was secretly worried about it! But in less than a second I didn't have to worry about it. Batum Fouled .... Hit One... Hit Two... Games TIED! In bounds to Outta bounds! Dre to Batum! BLAZERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW is all I have to say.
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