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For Wesley Matthews March Madness Is Marquette Madness

By sarahhecht Posted in: WesleyMatthews
Wesley Matthews has a narrow mindset when it comes to the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. Marquette. Marquette. Marquette.

The Marquette University alumni has been spending what little spare time he’s had just like many of us. He’s watching March Madness, though his perspective is a bit different than most. His Golden Eagles are still in the title hunt.

Wesley looks back on his Marquette basketball experience with fondness, “It’s a gift, it’s a blessing to be a part of March Madness, it’s a blessing to be a part of the NCAA Tournament. College is the best time of your life.”

And if he could, he’d head right back to play one more game with the Golden Eagles. “I wanna play back there. I wanna be back there one time. One more game. But I can’t do it. I don’t think I could suit up for a college game. I don’t think that’s legal,” Matthews said with a chuckle.

Many of Wesley's Trail Blazers teammates share similar passion for their college teams, causing a friendly bracket challenge to arise. Of course Wesley is a part of it, but as long as Marquette is winning he isn’t worried about how his bracket turns out.

“I don’t care about my bracket, I just filled out the bracket to fill out the bracket,” said Matthews. “I want them [Marquette] to win the whole thing. I want them to win every game.”

That competitive mentality is one of Wesley’s qualities that we’ve all come to know. He isn’t the type of man to do anything halfway. That includes watching his Golden Eagles on TV.  Said Matthews of Marquette’s first round game, “I was able to check the game out. I was going crazy at my place. Every possession I was going nuts. I gave myself like three headaches. I was tired after the game.”

Those of you that watched Just Casey on Friday of last week saw just that exuberance. Wesley skyped into the show while simultaneously catching some March Madness games. He hooted and hollered, jumped up with excitement and leaned back in his chair with frustration. He even gave us play-by-play of the final seconds of the George Mason vs. Villanova game. Like I said, he doesn’t do anything halfway.

As March Madness rolls on you can bet Wesley will be rooting for his Marquette University Golden Eagles, and a little bit here and there for the rest of his bracket.

Now last but not least, I bet you’re wondering who Wesley chose to win it all. I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count... Yep, you’re right. Marquette.

“I’m not even gonna lie, I got them going all the way, all the way, all the way,” said Matthews of his choice. “It’s always about Marquette.”

Marquette takes on UNC in the Sweet 16 on Friday, March 25th at 4:15pm PT.


  1. good blog sarah as always that is very true of wesley

    by teresa galer on 3/24/2011 9:37 PM
  2. so i take it he likes Marquette! lol. it's great he's taking such an interest in his alma mater.

    by Kassandra on 3/25/2011 12:37 PM
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