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Mar 21

1 Javale Mcgee  1.6 million    Washington Wizards
2 Hasheem Thabeet  4.8 million    Houston Rockets
3 Greg Monroe  2.8 million    Detroit Pistons
4 Marc Gasol  3.5 million  Memphis Grizz
5 Deandre Jordan  850,000   L.A. Clippers
6 Demarcus Cousins  3.4 million  and Hassan Whitesides  730,000  Sacramento Kings
7 Roy Hibbert   Unknown  Indiana Pacers
8 Draft a center
These are some good options for the end of the year with teams ready to deal in an attempt to improve their team. What do you think and what kind of package should we put together include players and draft picks for 1Center, 2 Point Guard.     GO BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. I just had this ridiculously stupid fantasy play out in my head...as good as our boys r looking lately, think how dominating we could be if Oden showed up next season as this super solid 10pnt 10 rebound guy with amazing shot blocking abilitys!! Maaaan we could be so good. K...imma step back into reality now! To comment on ur question. I don't think portland should ever draft a center again. Jordan rubbed it in our face with a six fingered hand n only time will tell how long Durants reminder will be

    by Religion:trailblazers on 3/21/2011 10:20 AM
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