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Mar 20

Interesting two minutes in the fourth...

By begonza
For a while I thought they would simply trail the Lakers throughout the game. Well, it's a mindset thing, they are a championship team and they can easily pull-out a trick from their experience hat and sleeve to gain the upper hand, this is what gives the Lakers confidence to get back up and move to the next gear. Again, this is also what I think played on another level as well, "Hey, we got better moves than yours and we will surely use that to keep you at bay."

Sort of like a psychological advantage, in this case was used like a device with a knob in front of it. "Okay, they seem to be gaining, turn the knob a little bit to rev it up a few, we can't afford to lose much here but we can stay behind just a little and we will catch-up later when we turn the knob in the 4th quarter." And so, the Lakers played it and tried to follow closely behind the Blazers.

And so in the fourth...they decided to turn that dang knob again. This time, Kobe saying "Boys, this is the time to rev it, I'll take it from here, I will personally see to it and you will see how the knob will turn and when this knob turns you will see them lose it. It's not because they are in control, it's because we have this knob in our possession. Okay, here it is, I'm turning the knob we go!" 
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  1. I think Kobe is a fantastic player but Pau Gasol is the reason the Lakers win consistently.

    by mbmurr1 on 3/21/2011 9:33 AM
  2. I hate Kobe with a passion but that's like saying pippens the reason the bulls won six championships. Murr, in the future...remember that if ur gonna make a comment about the lakers, u must also comment on how much u hate them;p u wouldn't be a REAL blazer fan if u didn't right?!?

    by Religion:trailblazers on 3/21/2011 9:59 AM
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