Apr 26

EVERY game is tough.

By FROGINATOR! Posted in: TravisOutlaw

Some more than others.


   I feel our team jumped a level after game two, earning the new title "Fellas" instead of "boys", but that title is eagerly waiting for an upgrade as well.  They proved in game two that they can create ways to win in dismal situations, but tonight wasn't even as bad as Game 2 (refs), there is always a way to win.  Our rebounding needs to come back to stellar levels again, we need to stop being afraid of the hoop and avoiding it, instead we need to get Mad at it with a vengence and never stop attacking it.  Outlaw did what should have been done, when his confidence in his shot was low he crammed the ball through the hole because HE was not about to be denied!  

   I'm proud of any Offensive fouls we committed, because it shows that those players were taking it to em!  I'd much rather see Offensive fouls than defensive ones from our team, this team should see the Rockets for what they are...  "Not one of the best teams out there by any means", then PLAY-OFF these chumps so that some real testing of the BLAZING SKILLS can commence against some teams that are worthy of playing at our true level.


The Lean Mean Green Machine 


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