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Mar 17

Humility is Key

By Roland
Guys, please practice some humility. Too many of "us" (myself included) can be pompous regarding our NBA comprehension. I remember one fan proclaiming that we would win 50 games this season - yeah, not gonna happen. I remember another fan professing that this year's upcoming draft would be a strong one according to college basketball analyst - hmm... analyst from a far away galaxy? I also remember another fan pronouncing the detriment (falling out of playoff contention) of the Denver Nuggets post Carmelo - yeah like that has happen. If anyone wants proof, please apprise and I will provide!

I beseech my fellow Blazer fanatics to acknowledge the obvious - that we are just Blazer fanatics. We love our team, we love our guys and at the core we are biased. We also are not employed by the Blazers and any organization or entity that covers the Blazers and what not. As fans, we must accept and appreciate that we neither are fully abreast with the NBA or Trailblazer developments nor do we possess the NBA or Trailbalzer acumen to make audacious prognosticating claims. If we did, then we aren't in the right business ( if so, please contact NBA commissioner David Stern or Portland Trailblazer owner Paul Allen). 

Closing I like to implore that we agree to disagree on these blogs. Let's not demonize and patronize Blazer fans for having non-consenting opinions. Let's be civil, hospitable and cordial to all and any opinions fellow Blazer fans may have; do not flout, balk and scoff at opinions from which we disapprove. While this blog is not a democracy, it should strive to be one whenever possible. With the exception of inappropriate material, anything and everything should be fair game. For whatever the topics or differences, discussing dissent is key to dissolving dissolution.

On a similar note, it's nice to know that the Portland Trailblazers have practiced humility despite beating the 2nd best team in the Western Conference. Humble comments were offered by the hero of the game after Tuesday night's victory - who else, but Brandon Roy.

"You know, I was thinking about that," Roy said. "What is back? Didn't they say I was back after the Denver game. The thing is I feel good. And hopefully I will continue to feel good, because when I feel good, I can be a factor out there."

"Tonight was a big game, but we have to not let down Thursday against the Cavs." Roy said

"Every time I make a layin, I just laugh ... just because I'm happy to be back doing it again," Roy said. "Almost like I'm grateful. I thank God for getting me back in this position. I'm just so happy to be back attacking the basket, getting layups." 


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