Mar 16

"Serious" Thoughts

By blazerdarren77
  So as I'm dreaming of being a guest on the Just Casey show, I have these thoughts, not necessarily jokes, but thoughts, things that make you say "Hmmmmm!"

-If the NBA is a star-driven league where certain player can whine about wanting to be traded or taking their talents elsewhere, how come our 'stars' prefer to stay here in Portland? what do you have to say about that, LeBron and Melo?

-If there was an actual blind referee, would he give the Blazers better calls than the refs that do see?

-If Mickey's a mouse, Donald's a duck, Pluto's a dog, what in the world is Goofy? (I ask 'cause the family's going to Disney in May)

-Can someone get David Stern a pedestal when he does the NBA Draft? The dude is like 5 foot nothing and he's posing pics with 7 footers? Reminds me of that early 80's show Fantasy Island with the host and his vertically challenged assistant.

-Speaking of the Commish, last week, there was a story of a soccer referee who kicked a player out of the game for tackling a streaker because the security guys couldn't catch him. If an NBA player leaves the bench and does the same thing, would Stern suspend that player? Rules are rules.

-Finally, if you've been following Blazer Dancer Cristi, you may notice that her and fellow dancer Stephanie do  a lot of things together. Are they best friends or do they pass off as sisters?

 These are just a few thoughts I have. I'm sure I'll have more. And when I do, I'll share them with you.


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