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Mar 14

Jeff's Rip City blog 325

By supereagle20 Posted in: Blazers, Bobcats, Hawks, Heat, Pelicans, Magic, Spurs
So after we get back-to-back wins against Miami and Orlando,we have back-to-back losses to Charlotte and Atlanta. The win for Charlotte tied them with the Indiana Pacers for 8th place in the East while Atlanta's win put them in 5th place in the East. Those two losses dropped Portland from 6th to 7th in the West, clearly it's a battle for places 6-10 in the Western Conference. Those losses also put Portland a full game behind New Orleans for sixth and seventeen full games behind the Spurs in the West. Hopefully Portland can stay in the playoff race. Anyways have a good day Blazers fans and as always... GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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