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Mar 12

Playoff position

By BlazerGrant Posted in: Blazers
I want everybody's take on who the Blazers would play best against in first round.... List where you think the Blazer's will seed and who they will face. Why would it be a good match up ?


  1. 6th against lakers. i hate lakers but it would be talked about a lot. could you imagine if we won.

    by cpetitjean3 on 3/12/2011 2:35 PM
  2. 5th against OKC. This would be a good match up with Wesley or Gerald Wallace on Kevin Durant or Andre against Russell Westbrook.

    by supereagle20 on 3/13/2011 11:17 AM
  3. I think Portland matches up against LA the best. I also think that in a first round playoff series the Blazers would stand a great chance to eliminate LA. Even though LA has championship experience they just aren't the same team this year. The overtime loss to LA was due to some bogus calls in the last 4 minutes by the officials. If this is a 7 game series Nate will and would have complained about the officiating. We were up by I think 8 points and Kobe was getting every call. I don't understand how he can get away with going to the line 15 times a game when it was really Batum and Matthews tight D where he wasn't able to have his way and was turning the ball over and shooting horrible shots in the first place. He doesn't deserve to get bailed out on every play of every game. Yeah he is Kobe, but MJ never got that credit, Jordan played when the rules of hand checking were still allowed. All Kobe has to do is flail his arms every where and it is a foul. If he doesn't get a foul he cries to the refs every time as well, what happened to the stricter technical fouls we were suppose to have in the league this year?

    by BlazerGrant on 3/13/2011 3:49 PM
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