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Mar 10

The Remaining Blazers schedule

By Herr
  Before we get started, let me mention an interesting stat to you.  The Portland Trail Blazers have won 11 of their last 14 games.  They have won 7 road games in a row.  They have won their last 3 games.

 Now time for the "excuse maker" in me to go out.  Had the Blazers made one of their wide open 3's in the fourth quarter against the Lakers, the Blazers would have won.  Had the officials called the "obvious" foul against Pau Gasol on LaMarcus Aldridge, Blazers would have won (assuming LaMarcus, a good FT shooter, would have made at least one of two).  Had Batum's alley-oop from Andre Miller gone in (it slowly rimmed out), Blazers would have likely won.  So, that being said,  I can assure you that the Lakers winning in the Rose Garden (even though they have a 2 game winning streak in our building) doesn't mean they have the Blazers number.

  Now, the other two loses were, obviously, chemistry issues.  The one stat in the games against Atlanta and the Rockets, that is so different against the Bobcats, Magic, and Heat is turnovers.  The Blazers turned the ball over well above their average against the Hawks and Rockets, and turned it over almost 4 times less than their average against the Heat, Magic, and Bobcats.

  So, is it safe to say we would have won those games?  Maybe, but, we lost them, and that's all that matters.  However, I'm simply mentioning that one major reason we lost against those teams probably isn't a problem anymore.

  Now that we got that out of the way, let's look at the rest of the Blazers schedule.

@Atl (back to back)
vs Phi 
@LAL (back to back)
vs Was
vs SAS
@ SAS (back to back)
@ Noh
vs OKC
vs Dal
vs GSW
vs LAL (back to back)
vs Mem
@GSW (back to back)

  If you read my previous blog, or at least read what I've posted everywhere, I'm saying the Blazers are going to win at least 50 games this season.  They must go 13-5 in their last 18 games in order to reach 50 wins, standing currently at 37-27. 50 wins is 50-32.  I also have the prediction of them going 4-0 on this road trip (currently 2-0), meaning they'll beat Charolette and Atlanta.  So, that places us at 39-27.

  I also say they'll sweep the month of April.  Yes, I know, it's a tough schedule, but bare with me.  If they do succeed, that adds an additional 7 games (starting with vs OKC).  So, taking our current record and adding the 9 wins I just predicted, we'd be 46-27.

  So that means, from March 15th to March 30th, we'd need to go at least 4 of 9, assuming we do win the next two games and sweep the month of April.

I'm also going to say that we'll be beating OKC on March 27th.  That being my birthday, they have to win that one for me. It's also Brandon Roy's son's birthday.  Last year they whooped New Orleans, and Roy was a big part of that, on March 27th, so I'm feeling pretty confident.  Also, I get into a lot of debates of Portland vs OKC, so I know a lot about the two teams.  I'm going with Portland.

So that is 47-27.  Now, that stretch is...

vs Dal
vs Cle
vs Phi
vs Was
vs SAS
@ OKC (the game I just said we'd win)

So we must go 4-9 in that stretch.  The 4 wins are OKC, Philly, Cleveland, Washington.  Boom, 50 wins right there, assuming all my predictions come true.

So, that leaves us with vs Dallas, @ LAL, vs SAS, @ NOH, and @ SAS to lose.  All of these are western teams.  4 of those 5 games are away.  4 of those 5 games are against top 4 Western Conference playoff teams.  If we're able to lose these games and still win 50, that's very impressive.  However, I have a strong feeling we'll beat Dallas and San Antonio, putting us at 52 wins, meaning we'll go 15-3 for the rest of the season.

  Based on how well the Blazers are playing, it's very possible.  I'm not a prophet, but it's very possible.

I'm also 95% sure we're going against Oklahoma City in the first round, in which we'll beat them and advance to the 2nd, and put up a great fight against the Spurs.


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