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Hot Blogs: Thursday, March 10th

By sarahhecht

There's been a recent change Brandon Roy. It's like something just clicked. He's sees it too. Jason Quick of The Oregonian caught up with Brandon to talk about his role with the team and how he's adapting his game. Brandon has noticed the change too. Read Brandon's thoughts in Trail Blazers' Brandon Roy Begins To Define His Post-Injury Role.

Patty Mills is still turning heads. His vibrant personality draws people in. Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune talked extensively with Patty about his journey to the NBA and his deep support of Australia in General Mills.

Concussions have become a serious issue in recent weeks. The NBA is considering implementing a league-wide concussion policy. From the AP, NBA Mulling League-Wide Formal Concussion Policy.

Ever wondered what the rules are when it comes to sporting jerseys? Wonder no more. The fellas at The Basketball Jones break it down for us in Debating The Finer Points Of Fan Jersey Etiquette.


  1. Sarah:

    I have read Brandon Roy's article. I think that is so great. coupled with the interview with LMA on NBA-TV after the Miami game, really makes you glad to be a Blazer fan.

    I know that G. Wallace wants to be a starter as I am sure all the players do, but I hope he will take the role of the team concept as LMA and BRoy has. That is because the starting line-up has been changed so many times this year, and we finally have one that is working good and I don't think we should mess with it this close to play-off time. There will be ample minutes to go around with trying not to over work any of the players to much before the play-off run.

    by Hg on 3/10/2011 1:33 PM
  2. Good reads.

    by Adam Scolatti on 3/10/2011 2:48 PM
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