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History of Rice

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I love Mike Rice. He has taught me everything I know about basketball. Listening to him analyze the game over the years has transformed my vision of the players from just running around in circles to an actual game plan with set plays and strategy. The recent addition this year of the “Freeze Play” has helped me see things even more clearly. I deeply appreciate Coach Rice’s insight into the game, not to mention the fact that he says the funniest things just-out-of-no-where.  If I could meet with any one person for a day, no joke, it would be Mike Rice. Make that Mike Rice and a TV screen with a game, so he could explain all the nuances of the plays so that I could know the names of the different sets the players run to only enhance                                   Sports Media
my love of basketball even more. With a little bit of humor and ideally some lovable commentary.

MB has mentioned several times that it’s about time someone started writing down Mike Rice’s stories. My hope is that he’s been secretly compiling these along with pictures and interviews from previous players, referees and folks who know and love him. It’s ok, MB, if you announce any day now that the book is on it’s way to the publisher…because I, for one, am interested in knowing the rest of the story that you can’t tell us on air.
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