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Hot Blogs: Monday, March 7th

By sarahhecht

With a healthy roster a minutes conundrum has emerged. Nate McMillan has chosen to ride the hot hand. Jason Quick talks about the game against the Bobcats and this strategy in Blazers Overcome Bumpy Start, Stride Past Bobcats.

Dwight Howard Suspended For 16th Technical. Sounds good, right? Maybe. Of course it's nice not having to battle Howard, but does that make the Magic unpredictable?

We have the best fans in the NBA. This was demonstrated with the ovations for former Trail Blazers Joel Przybilla and Dante Cunningham. Casey Holdahl found out how our team felt about their return in 'Joel got a lot of respect from everybody, even Free Throw Guy.'

In a recent trip to Eugene to support Patty Mills' fundraising efforts the twitterverse was on fire with Trail Blazers chatter. Catch up on the life and times of the Trail Blazers on Twitter in Team Twitter: A Trip To Eugene. The guys sure know how to have fun!


  1. It is said that Brandon Bass will start in place of Howard. He is much shorter, but very strong. I don't feel he can stop LMA or Camby. He is also foul prone, but is known to be a Joel type fouler with hard fouls. We know what to expect from Richardson and can guess what will be with Turkoglu. there 3pt shooting is very high, but without Howard, we have defensive specialist that can stay at home and make the outside shooter shoot over the top. Ii that respect we need great defensive intensity from Matthews and Nicoli. (how do you spell the french pronunciation of Nicholas). Long to short, we have a good chance of overtaking them in the game but we have very little room for error

    Thank you for the Blog Miss sarahhecht


    by Hg on 3/7/2011 12:46 PM
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