Mar 06

7 Course French Meal, Anyone?

By DustyGeo Posted in: NicolasBatum, PattyMills

Nicholas Batum was a good sport to put up with those commentators on the ever popular Talkin’ Ball last night after the game.  (As if he would possibly be comfortable discussing the poor play of the other team in the second half. Or diss random players. Nope, not Nick.) It was entertaining to seem him visibly squirm and seemed almost possible to hear him thinking “I wish they would just get to the point” but, ya’know, in French.  And really. He watches three or four movies in a row in his spare time at the movie theater.  I hope he’s not sneaking in, but pays for those.  Meanwhile, his gastronomic soiree looks fun with it’s food and music in honor of African mom’s. It is always  awesome when sports players do something extra for the worldCharity Event Portland and Blazers are known for our  commitment to good works. So what better way to support our Nick, put our money where our values are, and have a fun time doing it than showing support and attending on 3/16. And let me know what you think if you go!

In other financial adventures,  I already bought my Patty Mills help Queensland Australia shirt and am anxiously awaiting it in the mail. I opted to go with the Australian national basketball team color option…I’m sure it will help with my color diversity since most of my wardrobe is black. Green Patty Mills seems like a good place to start. Mills Shirt 

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