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Apr 25

Everyone thought it was over after the 1st quarter even, but I had a feeling that the Blazers would bounce back.

And they did.
Going from a 17 point deficit to a 3-6 point deficit was amazing.

First quarter WAS rough. our two best players weren't playin', but after Rudy's 3 point shots he gave hope and kept them in the game.

The last minute of the game was very intense. I was sweating and my heart was racing, as if it was me that was playing ball. Haha.

It's sad that we could have potentially won this game, and they worked so hard to catch up.
But that shot at the end was just.. rushed.. but hey, better luck on SUNDAY. I'm sure this is more than enough motivation for them to be more aggressive and win it on Sunday.

I'm in such a better mood than I slept in last night.... Ah.

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