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Apr 24

After watching Game 3 and the NBA all season long, I'd bet my life savings that there are at least 5 refs (most likely many more) still in the NBA that are betting on games, and it seems like Portland is usually on the bad side of the betting. What other reason is there for the play when Yao Ming walks straight into a standing still Oden and Oden (yes Oden) gets whistled for a foul! Oden had been going on a tear and Yao Ming was running out of gas. He got two consecutive dunks and was beginning to look unstoppable by anyone on Houston. So what can the refs do to stop this run by Oden and get him out of the game? Give him his 5th foul by doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. He got a foul for literally standing in the way of where Yao Ming wanted to go on the court. It didn't matter that he had been standing there for a good three seconds before Yao even got close too him.

I think we could all agree that Houston is the more physical team of the two. So how is it that it wasn't until about two minutes left in the fourth that Houston got called for their first foul of the quarter? But thats not it, Portland had already been called for 6. How does this happen? My reason, extremely obvious attempt to throw the game, and it worked.

Here's some numbers for you:
Free throws-  Portland:10  Houston:24
Fouls-  Portland:25  Houston:16
Players on Portland with more than 2 fouls:
    Brandon Roy(6)
    Greg Oden(5)
    LaMarcus Aldridge(4)
    Joel Przybilla(4)
    Rudy Fernandez(3)

Notice anything? Just in case you didn't notice, these are our only players that have been effective at some point so far during the series. Roy and Aldridge started off this game well, not great but good enough (not to mention Roy's 42 the previous game), so how can the refs take them out of the game? Hit them with some early fouls. Joel Przybilla has been doing a great job playing Yao, so the refs hit him with some fouls. Greg Oden came in and was playing extremely well and was dominating the paint in the second half, so the refs hit him with fouls. Rudy was on fire, got hit with fouls (3, even though he gives very few chances for foul calls).

If these refs aren't throwing these games (or attempting too) then they are absolutely HORRIBLE at their jobs. Let's go back to basic basketball for a second. What is a ref's job? To call violations, correct? Why should it matter if it's "The King" or "The Black Mamba" or 7-6 Houston's-only-chance-to-win-this-series Yao ming, or 7 ft rookie Greg Oden? What happened to ref's just calling a game the way they see it, the way it's supposed to be called? (Just thought I'd throw this in there since we're on the topic. Players should get called for fouls (maybe even T's) for attempted or false flopping.) The officiating is destroying the game of basketball! If you can convince the world that you're the next best thing then they will make sure it happens. Ok maybe that's taking it a little too far, but you get the point. I'm saying that it shouldn't matter who you are or how old you are. If you fouls someone you should get called for a foul. If you travel you should get called for a travel (Refs need to go back to whatever school they went to to learn how to ref to relearn what a travel is, it's seriously getting ridiculous).

Keep in mind that this same officiating has been going on all season long. Remember against Golden State, Rudy is headed for the game winning steal when he gets grabbed and called for the foul that handed Portland the loss?

That's enough for now. My first attempt at a blog. Let me know what you think.


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