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Mar 04

I like to write, sue me.

By thebryster
I overheard this somewhere LaMarcus saying "i need help".  Whose team is it?  I hate that conversation.  I am 53 so that is a recent and stupid conversation in my book.  Probably brought about by the fact that star players and actually maybe a lot of players make more than their respective coaches these days.  Was it Michael Jordan's team, no.  That was pre the new deal.  Probably the reason the point Williams was traded from Utah.  People will only take so much.
  La Marcus had a great month, filled in the gaps.  Now "i need help" presumes it is his team.  This has been a year of adjusting on the fly.  Everyone else has done it you had a great month now you do it.  Adjust.  You are becoming known and the double teams are there, best when they wait for you to dribble.  You don't go to the rack well when confronted.  You are a great shooter and hard worker like Brandon.  Personally you are both a little prissy for my tastes.  When i played if someone got me mad i took it out on the basket and scored more and if they got in my way i didn't back down.  A nice Charles Barkley, I didn't play dirty just hard.  The team is an organism ever changing.   Technically it is Paul Allen's team and then Nate McMillan's and the GM's.  Make it easy on yourself and everyone, you have a boss like the rest of us.  And concerning help, the Blazers are the ones that need help.
  Team ball.  An old term but you can't get away from it.  Even Miami added Mike Bibby everyone knows what team ball is nowadays.  Chamberlain probably the most dominating person to ever play the game got one ring his last year in L.A. he was a role player by then, team ball.
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