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Mar 03

I feel Chinese Food and the Trailblazers are very comparable.
1. Chinese food is satisfying when your done eating.
1. The Trailblazers are satisfying at games end.
2. Chinese food leaves you wanting more 1 hour later.
2. The Trailblazers leave you wanting more 1 hour later also.
3. Chinese food is diverse there is something for all appetites.
3. The Trailblazers are diverse with many nationalities and personalities.
4. Chinese food is sweet, sour, hot ,and mild.
4. The Trailblazers are are fast, slow, hot, and cold.

I'm sure there are many more adjectives to describe both but to me, With the Blazers you never know what your going to get and that is why I love watching them. They don't let me become complacent as a fan. I will always love our team because of it's ups and downs, injuries and all the extra stuff that comes with a fantastic team. GO BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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