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Mar 03

In my opinion Nate McMillan is one of the leagues best coaches. He may not be one of the leagues best offensive minds but he is continuing to improve. His disciples this year have certainly made an improvement on the use of Batum, Fernandez, Mills and Matthews. But it stretches beyond that. The transformation of Aldridge has allowed McMillan to rely more on a post offense. Aldridge has showed to be a go to guy and McMillan will continue to rely on him in the clutch if needed. However, the Blazers have yet to face many close games besides the recent two over time contests against LA and Denver. If any other coach deserves the award more then McMillan it would be SA Spurs Popovich. 
But despite all the injuries of Portland and the addition of new rotations McMillan has yet again impressed me. Matthews has proven to be a legitimate starter in Roy's absence. Batum has stepped up big. Andre is playing as good as ever. Fernandez has improved in his play making ability and his confidence which plagued him last year. Camby is on a strong comeback after 13 boards against the Kings. The return of Brandon Roy has gone better than anyone could have expected at this point. Roy doesn't have to carry this Blazer's squad anymore because everybody else has improved under Nate McMillan. If Roy doesn't score 20+ anymore but we still win then the goal of the team is still fulfilled. Sure we had to part with Pryz and Dante two of my favorite players, but we got a legitimate all star with Wallace. It will be exciting to watch how this first team all defensive player will improve our chances in the Playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if teams are scared to match up with the Blazers in the Playoffs because we have depth and we play defense. I think there are few teams in the league that can beat our squad in a 7 game series anymore. The NBA used to question our defensive ability in the past but we have improved leaps and bounds since those comments were made. What coach if any deserves coach of the year over Nate McMillan? Let's hear your opinions Rip City!

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