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Mar 03

Aldridge player of the month

By BlazerGrant Posted in: blakegriffin, Blazers, Hawks, Lakers, LaMarcusAldridge, Nuggets
Aldridge has been on a tear for this entire season. He has improved in nearly every statistical category this season. It is clear that he was robbed of his first all star selection by the NBA announcing him as player of the month. In my opinion Blake Griffin shouldn't have been an all star. Let's leave him to just participating in the dunk contest because lets face it that is all he can do at this point in his career. Like Charles Barkley said it will be scary when Griffin can play basketball and he is right. When Griffin faces a noteworthy opponent he falls short. Aldridge took him to school in there match up and I believe had 30+ points and close to 15 boards. Aside from the fact that Aldridge showed him up in their match up fact is the Clippers are a horrible team. Yes they have talent. Can they win? No... It is like the Clippers are plagued by players coming up short. The league has lost face on what it takes to be an all star. Being an all star is about making your team better not just putting up a couple dunks a game... and if that is the case, about the dunks Aldridge has had beautiful lobs all season long. He is an exciting player to watch and probably one of the leagues best players. The Blazers and Aldridge deserve more air time whether it is ESPN or TNT something needs to happen. The fans in Portland are the leagues best and everybody feels this way. If more of the league was able to watch televised games they would understand where Blazer fans come from. It is no coincidence that when we play on national TV that I see so many poorly officiated games that the Blazers are taken out of the game. It happened in the Lakers overtime loss, nearly happened against Denver despite our teams fight, and sadly happened again against Atlanta. Who else agrees with me? Am I the only one that watches these games and can't believe the calls that the refs make? I watch a lot of games thanks to NBA TV but I rarely sit there and complain about officiating with other teams it all seems like pretty evenly officiated until I watch the Blazers. What are your opinions Rip City?


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