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Mar 02

A different take...

By thebryster
Re the kings game tonight.  Okay everyone knows the blazers can shoot.  What else does everyone know?  They have a hard time going ot the rack.  LaMarcus gets his back up occasionally and goes aggresively to the hole.  As does Andre Miller.  Tonight the speedy Patty Mills got there for us.  Where the hell is Shawn Kemp.  Just kidding.  But did Portland ever have anyone go to the basket like that guy?  On the other hand how many people have?
  Great teams in my opinion have almost unstoppable guys.  Kobe, Lebron, etc.  in the past include Kareem and his sky hook.  Not a dunk or layup but how do you stop a 5 foot sky hook from a 7 footer?
  Like with anything you practice.  But you guys have good 3 point shots a lot of you so don't give that up.  But i firmly believe you need to develop the "fight club" mentality when it comes to going to the basket.  Tonight Patty ala Gail Goodrich did the little man among the bigs aproach.  Not everyone will have the same approach.  Batum and Rudy are quick LaMarcus is strong, Brandon is tricky and so is Andre.  That's all for tonight.  Another thing too many cooks spoil the broth so as a player you can only handle so much input.  Learn at your own pace.
  And don't think tonights win was small recently the Kings have beaten the Lakers, the Celtics and the Heat I think.  So they play well around good teams as you found out tonight.  They are young and will get better.  Rock on!


  1. Unfortunately our unstoppable guy isnt 100%, nor is it probable that he ever will be. His grit however is not to be questioned. Im talking of course about Brandon Roy. I dont know if id call the mentality id like to see out of my boys fight club, but i would like to see more of a Celtic cohesion out of them. Where four guys rush to help up a fallen fifth. Thats what win championships. Fingers of a fist. Wesley & Wallace give us a defensive fighting chance every night. A healthy Camby is a 15 board threat. L.A., nuff said. And Brandon, with the ball in his hands with any amount of time left on the clock. There could be 0.8 seconds on the clock. Inbound to Roy, turns, shoots..... Thats why im a Blazer fan.

    by commontongue on 3/2/2011 11:50 PM
  2. agree to disagree. personally i would be a fan for the hometeam where ever i lived. I have lived here for 12 years and except for zach randolph and a healthy greg oden never saw a for sure inside game, so i am picky. grew up near los angeles watched Wilt's last season with them and Jabbar etc. then watched seattle with kemp for 9 years. Brandon does it all but is not very explosive nor was he. Not to usurp Nate but he was mainly a defender. Anyway my main point is you need a balanced inside and outside game in my opinion would like to see the guys practice going to the rack like they do shooting. Not only is it a good backup when your shooting fails but it mixes it up and keeps the defense off balance.

    by thebryster on 3/3/2011 6:52 AM
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