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Apr 24

Grilling for Game 3

By Rx2web Posted in: BrandonRoy, LaMarcusAldridge
In years past I've been banned from having a grill. Last year my wife bought me a small small small electric grill for the summer. I passed the test and just today i've gone out and bought a bigger charcoal grill. I've stepped up into the big leages now baby.

My goal and intent is to have myself a little party. Grill up some grub, enjoy the company of a few friends and watch the Blazer surprise the world and the Rockets with a win in Houston for game 3! I've already convinced my wife that if the Blazers make it to the finals I'm getting Direct TV so I can have ABC to watch the game on. Perhaps I can convince her to let me get a big screen TV as well!

Tonight is going to be rough. Roy and Co are really going to have to fight to get a win. I want to see Roy and Aldridge put in the effort and not disappear and I want to see both pass out of the double teams that are sure to come tonight and let our other guys get hot. That's why we built the team the way that we did. Solid inside players, strong SG to slice and dice the oponents, and a plethera of outside 3 point specialists to hit the open shots created by other mismatches and double teams. I see roy having a pedestrian 22 points and at least 6 assists tonight.

Go Blazers!


  1. Here's to hoping you get your big screen TV and have a good Grill party!

    by RedRudy5 on 4/24/2009 1:50 PM
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