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Mar 02

Here are the players I'd most like to see start tonight, in my order of preference. Who are your picks, and why?

LaMarcus Aldridge
Andre Miller
Gerald Wallace
Nicolas Batum
Wesley Matthews

I know. There's no center there. But you have a strong set of shooters and defenders, all of whom have shown grit, determination, and good teaming. I don't want Roy back as a starter. He'll never be quite the same, no matter how eager and wonderful he is. I'm a huge Roy fan. But if he can hit a few good plays off the bench, even better. I don't need him running up and down half the night. These guys can do that much better. I'd love to see Rudy and Roy and Patty and Marcus and Babbitt coming off the bench, making some big plays. But right now, we have five star-quality starters. Let's let them play!


  1. I agree 100% I think Armon Johnson could be a starter with a little more court time

    by mbmurr1 on 3/3/2011 1:02 PM
  2. If we were to start Aldridge at center we become mismatched against a lot of teams in the NBA. We saw this against LA a team with size and length. It all depends on the match up for McMillan. You can't simply throw Wallace into the starting line up and throw somebody else out of that line up that has better chemistry together. When Wallace begins to grow with the team I am sure he will become a starter. But with the end of the season approaching you can't simply play around with your starters because every game becomes crucial for Playoff position. I would like to see Miller, Matthews, Batum, Aldridge and Camby starting. You have strong defense and good offensive weapons. Then you bring Roy and Wallace in together off the bench for Matthews and Batum. When Miller needs a rest let Fernandez run point or him and Roy switch running point. This extends our shooting range and lets us have a strong offensive team going into halftime. Miller will be ready for the start of the 3rd along with Batum and Matthews. In the end it is experience that wins games and playoffs and ultimately championships. I would much rather have Roy and Wallace in together in at the end of the game then Batum and Matthews. Matthews is great but his decision making skills are spotty at times and he lacks a true ability to create his own shot. He can hit the big shot but he can't create it when its in the clutch as well as Roy has shown he can even after an injury. Ultimately though you do need to have a true center to replace Aldridge to put him at Power Forward. You don't want Aldridge picking up two stupid fouls at the beginning of the game and have him sitting half the first part of the game. We have seen this before and it never works out right for the Blazers.
    With Oden back if that ever happens maybe your starting lineup would change haha. What do you think?

    by BlazerGrant on 3/3/2011 6:32 PM
  3. i agree with BlazerGrant (except for about wesley matthews)...just don't forget about Patty! (great game for him last night!)

    by dancegirl on 3/4/2011 1:34 PM
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