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Mar 02

The latest Charlie Sheen antics have fascinated me.  I really love his attitude and his approach to his current situation.  I love that he seems crazier off drugs and alcohol than when he was using drugs and alcohol, and I love that he has no regrets.  I cannot help but to respect a man who is not afraid to lay it all out there for all the world to see.  One thing is for certain, I would love to go to a Charlie Sheen party. 

That got me thinking about the Trail Blazers and which one of the guys I would most like to hang  out with or party with.  I think the late 1990’s early 2000’s teams would have been the most fun to hang out with.  Specifically, I would love to hang out with Rasheed and Damon.  They seem like they really knew how to have fun.  Arvydas probably knows how to have a good time too.  I have always wanted to hang out with him and his wife.

I actually became a fan of the team in the late 1990’s.  My favorite memorable Blazers moment from back then was when the Blazers beat Utah to go onto the Western Conference Finals in 1999.  I believe Damon and a few other guys removed their jerseys and showed off their glistening athletic bodies to the crowd.   Watching their unbridled excitement won me over and I was hooked.  From then on, I was addicted to the Blazers and consumed all things Blazers related.

This current rendition of the Blazers are a little different than the past Blazers.  LaMarcus seems uptight, Andre seems like he is always mad and he probably mooches beers from other party goers, Rudy is a square, Marcus seems like a family man, and you know Luke is a prude.  That leaves Nicolas, Jarron, Armon, Wesley, Patty, Greg, Brandon, Gerald, and Elliot.

I don’t know much about Jarron but he seems kind of uptight as well. Gerald has great hair and was probably up for some mischief back in the day, but he has also turned into a family man.  Brandon is also a family man but he might be fun to hang out with at a barbecue.  I
would put money on Greg being a fun guy to hang out with, but I imagine he is wary of doing anything with the fans since fans often seem to be bothering him about his free time and rehabbing.  I bet if he came to Hawaii, he would let loose and we could throw a killer party.

So, if I was going to throw a kegger, I would invite all the Blazers (I would also invite Jeff Pendergraph and ask Batum to bring his girlfriend) but would only expect Nicolas, Armon, Wesley, Patty, and Elliot to show up.  Well, Rudy would show up with Patty, but he would only drink club soda and try to leave before 10:00 PM.  I could see some of the other Blazers showing up early and then leaving early too.  Luke might show up because everyone else is going.

Most parties at my home end up mellowing out and once everyone is drunk we play X-Box karaoke.  We do not have a beer pong set up, but I would probably set it up outside.  My wife loves to play flip-cup and she would dominate every one of the Blazers.  There are some local guys who live across the street that have a mini-basketball hoop.  I would probably invite them just so they would bring over the game.  After the party, some folks would sleep over and the rest would take cabs home.  Then we would all go for breakfast in the morning and exchange stories.

So, if you were going to throw a party, which members of the Blazers would you invite and what would you do? 


  1. This is a funny question since no one wants the jailblazers back !!!!! but I think a party with a camp out so no one has to drive would be key.

    by mbmurr1 on 3/2/2011 2:24 PM
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