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Mar 02

I think Lamarcus needs to sit 2 games to heal and we should play without him no matter what that means for the moment, I'm thinking of the future and playing on a weak knee is a bunch of crap. Let some other guys get some play time because sitting on the bench does them no good, they need time on the court. Nicolas Batum needs to start boxing out his man it's getting ridiculous, rebound the ball man, come on Nick !!!!!!!!!  When you have a team with the talent of Portland, Andre Miller should be getting 15 assists a night but he shoots ill advised shots way to much, take the ball to the hole or pass it because your shot is ugly, score from 5ft. in and at the line. Coaches Wesley needs to take a break because he is obviously playing with a leg injury (ineffectively) give the guy a break. Marcus start dunking or retire, I saw you play at Massachusetts and you are a scorrer, right now you are not being a threat offensively so teams just box you and off the boards.     
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