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Mar 02

Let me tell you a story........ When I was a boy of 11 in Oregon, My dad and I were hunting on Larch Mountain above Multnomah Falls. We finished for the day and were walking back to the car, we were about 200 yards from the car when the sky opened up and the rain poured down on us. My dad was carrying a 30-30 Winchester across his shoulders, his jacket was slick and the rifle slid off and hit the ground, bending the lever action and the gun bounced 180 degrees pointing at me and hit the pavement again on the hammer..... and bang the gun went off shooting me through the ankle from about five feet away. The bullet went across the top of my ankle bone from the inside (left) to the outside (right) of my right foot ripping all the ligaments and tendons from the bone. I was in shock immediately and my dad threw me on his shoulder and ran me back to the car where he took off my boot and sock. The wound was only bleeding a trickle due to the cotterization effect from being only five feet from the rifle. It barely bled all the way to Gresham hospital. Once there the doctor used a brush that looked like a pipe cleaner in one side of my ankle and out the other side several times removing metal and gun powder also what was left of my tendons. I was placed in a cast from my hip to my toes with a removable section over the ankle. After 3-4 months the wound was still not healing properly, That's when the foot specialist told my mom and I about an experimental drug called D.M.S.O. which he said was only used on race horses when they tore ligaments in races, All we had to do is rub it on the skin and it soaked through. We put it on twice a day for about a month. Then we went back to the doctor who was shocked with the results. The skin had healed completely but the cast was supposed to stay on for another month but the doctor decided to remove it to test my ankle. He said that I had amazing range of motion for such and injury and length of time immobile in the cast. The doctor put on another cast this time a walking cast from my calf to my toes with the ankle cut out to apply more D.M.S.O., which we did once a day for another month after which we came back to the doctor and he removed the cast and did tests, Revealing to his amazement that I could walk without the crutches and had 80% + range of motion in an injury which the specialist said would never heal and that I would be crippled for life. I don't know how the D.M.S.O. works only that it does, you can read about it's use with race horses and the injuries for which they used to be put down and now the tendon and ligament injuries heal completely without surgery. D.M.S.O. is not approved for use in humans but you can buy it at the pet store. I can tell you after I healed I started playing football again and by my senior year of high school I made 3rd team all state in California, Not bad for a 5'11" 195lb DE. I told you this story to say that Greg Oden and other Blazers suffering from knee ligament and tendon damage can be healed if their doctors have open minds and are willing to look the other way with treatments unapproved by the FDA for use in humans (because there is more money in treating a problem forever then in fixing it). I would suggest the use of D.M.S.O. to anyone who suffers from ligament or tendon damage that the doctors have told is unfix-able.   GO BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     
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