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Mar 01

Personal hunger and the next level...

By thebryster
After Ray Allen broke Reggie Miller's three point record someone asked him how he trained.  He said something like I try to make 100 baskets a day.  Several years ago I was working for ovations in the concession stands in the Rose Garden.  The Lakers came to town. We go in and out sometimes for supplies and breaks etc.  2 hours before the game I took a look and Kobe is the 1st player out there practicing by himself and signing autographs.  Not the most likable player in the league but I thought hmmm maybe there is a reason he is a great player?
  As a fan I like watching you guys win and giving an effort.  I quit watching basketball for a few years when I thought it got boring.  Then I watched a game when Vlade Divocs was with the Kings and CWebb and those guys.  They were fun to watch and they were winning.
  Sadly those guys made it to the western finals and lost and then there team was broken up.  I think them and the sonics when McMillan was there were the funnest teams I have watched over the years.  And concerning those 2 teams maybe they didn't get the calls.  Honestly I thought when the sonics played the bulls in the finals they should have won but the refs were unfair.  Kind of like unseating the champion in boxing you have to pretty much knock him out to get the win.
  And the Kings?  Well didn't a referree who reffed those games get reprimanded for choosing a side?  And go on to write a book about nba preference of big population area teams preference? 

"In 2008, former NBA referee Tim Donoghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison for betting on games he officiated and accepting cash payments from gamblers.

Donoghy told the FBI that the NBA sometimes used referees to “manipulate results,” and that Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals was one of the games in which the league did so.

He alleged in his book Blowing The Whistle, that Dick Bavetta, one of the referees assigned to the game, was generally assigned to manipulate games in which the league wanted a particular result."  (end) 

  That's from a story I found online.  Anyway the point is we fans of also ran's would love to have a champion.  More so because status quo is the name of the game these days.  My dad coached me in little league.  We won 4 years out of 4.  He knew the game but he also believed in sportsmanship.  We didn't play dirty we played hard and believed.  He liked to win and instilled that in us and a love of the game.  So we played hard and loved it.  Who could ask for more from a team?



  1. I agree that officials do change the outcome of the game often (with both calls and no calls) I think the game vs. atlanta is a great example of the no calls killing Portland.

    by mbmurr1 on 3/2/2011 2:28 PM
  2. that's a point--whether it's a conspiracy or human nature i think teams that are outliers have to work harder for the same results.

    by thebryster on 3/2/2011 2:35 PM
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