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Mar 01

Acquisition of Wallace onto the Court

By Roland
I grade the trade an A-/B+. Had the conditional 1st round pick from NO been higher, we would have been able to keep Dante in my opinion (The remainder of the season seems as an interview process between Dante and CHA - unlikely to be resigned). Dante was very serviceable with his duties at center playing along LA. While Camby provides a quality high post passer, Dante is more of a threat on offense with his jumper, cuts and slashes. 

Without Dante, how will Nate shuffle his lineup (Wallace at the 4, and LA at the 5 seems like the prevailing wisdom)? While some have said the acquisition of GW provides succor to Lamarcus, it seems LA will still log heavier minutes (post trade) because he'll play the 4 (mainly) and backup Marcus at the 5 whereas before the trade (w/ an injured Camby), Dante n Joel split the 5 duties. 

I share the aforementioned sentiments of many blogger responses to this deal because it will come into fruition the next and following years, where we have GO back and pick up a true 4 via draft to back up Lamarcus. The prevalent concern short term is the incorporation of Wallace, Roy and Camby back into the flow of the Blazer basketball that saw us ride a 6 game winning streak into the All-Star break. It seems this process will take 1-2 wks to transpire according to coach Nate leaving the obvious question - will we lose 4 of 5 in that stretch? If so it's gonna be a dog fight with Phx for the final spot in western conference playoff chase. 

Also, does this acquisition of Wallace make Babbit expendable or shorten his leash? He's been a disappointment so far and is likely to be dropped this summer. With Wallace, Batum, Roy, Rudy and Wesley where does he fit in. On defense he is too slow to guard 3's and too small to guard 4's.
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