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Feb 28

I feel Nicolas Batum is getting complacent with his starting roll on the Blazers roster. He does not seem to be running the floor with the same reckless abandon that he used to have. He is turning into a flopper on defense..... Move you feet, Don't get lazy, It's not ok to let people run by you then grab after the fact, Quit watching Fernandez play Defense he's not that good !!!! You have the potential to be a shut down defender if you move your feet..... get after it and show the fans and the ownership why you should remain as a starter on a team with a better SF in Gerald Wallace, You have the potential to keep him on the bench with defense on the 3 line in the mans face including help defense, rebounding, and scoring. Be the player we all think you can be and command your position not just play your position.  GO BLAZERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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