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Feb 26

Basketball GM Slang

By Roland Posted in: chod, kevinpritchard, pritchslapped, richcho
As a stern critic of Rich Cho (due to the Bayless deal for a conditional 1st rd pick from NO not being high as we envisioned and not procuring a young quality pg - Devin Harris, DJ Augustin, Mo Williams, Kirk Hinrich, OJ Mayo, etc), I am satisfied with his recent involvement in the acquisition of Gerald Wallace from CHA for Dante Cunningham, Sean Marks, Joel Pryzbilla, the NO 1st rd pick and a 2013(likely) 1st rd pick - protected 1 through 12. What keeps me from elation is the lost of Cunningham or Pryzbilla. Simply had the NO 1st rd pick been higher or had we stand put with Bayless, we'd stand a good chance at keeping one of them - DC or Pryz; nevertheless, it's safe to say that Rich Cho got the upper hand over Charlotte in this transaction (Charlotte was too eager to cut it's fat in my opinion and could have gotten more; kudos to Cho and the Blazers for exploiting their anxieties.)

On to the fun part.

When Kevin Pritchard, (KP) Cho's predecessor and former Trailblazer GM, got the best of another team via trade (Batum from Hou via 2nd rd pick, Camby from LAC, Aldridge from Bulls, Roy from Minn via Celtics #7 pick), we are delighted in saying his trade partner was "Pritch-slapped." So far, it seems Rich Cho has enjoyed the same success and therefore an appropriate basketball GM slang or sobriquet for such success should be coined. Do we now dare deem opposing trade partners as getting the following:

"Which Joe Did What?!" "d**k slapped", "they got Cho'd"?!, "Rich-Rolled!", "Cho-Ching!", Cho'ownd!", "We Cho Cho away", "Cho chew away!", "Yo oooo Cho" (from GI JOE)

 What else?


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