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Feb 26

Cho's Radar (summer 2011)

By Roland Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
In no particular order, Rich Cho should be cognizant of the following players (I adumbrate he need be overwrought with some*):

Eric Bledsoe - rookie 6'1 pg out of Kentucky averaging 6.6pts, 3rebs, and 4asts per game. A player w/ raw point guard abilities - fast, quick, strong, solid containment defense and a reliable jumper. Plenty of potential (reminds me of Armon only he's performed on the NBA scale).

Eric Maynor - 2nd yr 6'3 pg out of Va Commonworth averaging 4.7pts, 1.4rebs, and 2.5asts per game in 14 min. A raw point guard with strength, speed and quickness. Game possess all the attributes expected in a pg - shot, pass, fast break and solid containment D. 

Crud... this takes to long. Here's the rest of the list:

AJ Price, Darren Collison, Josh McRocberts, Hilton Armstrong, Chris Johnson, Brandan Wright, Chris Kaman, Sam Dalembert, Ty Thomas, Danilo Galinari, Carlos Delfino, James Harden, Ramon Sessions, Mo Williams, George Hill, Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum, Aaron Brooks, Devin Harris, Randy Foye, OJ Mayo, Thaddeus Young, Marreese Speights, Sam Young, Darrell Arthur, Rodrigue Beaubois, Jimmer Fridette, Anthony Morrow, Wilson Chandler, Ersan Ilyasova, Jordan Hill, Kirk Hinrich and DJ Augustin. 

Hinrich, Augustin and Harris are all proven guards currently putting up solid numbers or have had solid seasons in the past. 

Collison*, Price*, Sessions, Williams, Bynum*, Stuckey*, and Brooks are all starting pg caliber players deserving of more playing time but not currently getting it. A deal making them a starter pg would appease any of them.

Fridette*, Mayo*, Beaubois*, Harden*, Foye* and Morrow are combo guards whom w/proper development can be converted to a scoring pg. All are young, have had big games in the association w/exception to the Jimmer - full of potential. 

Delfino, Galinari, Chandler, Ilyasova, Thaddeus and Sam Young, Arthur, Hill and Speights are all shooters, athletic and most importantly AGGRESSIVE (unlike Batum). 

Hill, Thomas, Dalembert, Kaman, *CJ (w/25lbs of muscle), Wright, McRoberts, and Armstrong are insurance policies or exigency (whichever way one looks at it) to Oden or LA (heaven forbid) coming down with injuries. Better to be safe than be sorry. 

All these players are young (w/exception to Kaman) and thus are serviceable to the Blazers present and going for the years to come. 
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