Feb 26

Who Does Wallace Remind You Of?

By blazerdarren77
  Now that Gerald Wallace has joined the Blazers, I have to pose that question because his style of play, based on what I've seen so far, reminds me of another former Blazer that played the same way. Any guesses? Anyone? If you're thinking of Jerome Kersey, that's exactly who Crash reminds me of. Notice the similarities:

-Wallace is 6'7" and 225 lbs. The exact height and weight Jerome was in his playing days.
-Both are small forwards, but also have played the power forward position. I remember many games in which Rick Adelman would insert a small line-up with Jerome playing the 4, even the 5 a couple of times.
-Both of them can hustle for the loose ball. Think of the many times when Jerome would keep the play alive for the team by sacrificing his body keeping the ball from going out of bounds. Too many to recall for me.
-Both of them are strong finishers. They have the tendency to finish the play with monstrous dunks that bring the fans out of their seats.
-Speaking of dunks, both have participated in the slam dunk contest in which they were runner-up. Wallace was runner-up to Jason Richardson in 2002 while Jerome was runner-up to Michael Jordan in 1987. In fact both participated in multiple slam dunk contests.

  These are just a few similarities I've noticed off the top of my head. There may be more. If so, let me know. All I have to say is this; I cannot wait to see how the impact of the team will be when Crash makes his Blazer debut on Sunday. 

  So that is who Wallace reminds me of. What about you? Who do you think Crash reminds you of? I can't think of a better player than Jerome. 
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