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Feb 25

The Blazers WILL win 50 games.

By Herr Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
Yes, I am saying it.  No, I'm not crazy or being biased (Although that will be hard to believe when you read much of this post).  However, I'm saying it right now, the Blazers will win 50 games.

 After the Detriot game, I asked NBA.com and even the message boards here if Portland will win 50 games.  Last season, most people called me an idiot for thinking so.  This season, people are going, "well jeez, he was right last year... but... maybe 46-48 wins".

 This was obviously before we saw Brandon Roy return, and the trade obtaining Gerald Wallace.  However, that was still fairly recently.  The Blazers are 4-1 since I asked that question.  They SHOULD be 5-0, but they let one slip against the Lakers.

Now with the addition of Wallace and Roy, it's starting to become more believable that they could win 50 games.  However, I'm so confident that they'll win 50 games, that I'll be disappointed if they don't.  So, Mike Rice (if you ever read this), I hope they plan on putting that gold statue of Nate McMillan in front of the Rose Garden.

 Looking at the Blazers remaining schedule, it does look fairly difficult, but also looks very possible.  Obviously anyone can win on any night, so a game that I'd say is a definent win, could obviously go the opposite way.  However, that could happen with a game that I say they'd lose.

First, I'd like to add that there are 24 remaining games in the season.  The Blazers must go 17-7 in order to reach 50 games.  My predictions (assuming everything stays the same), are them going 21-3.  (this is where it gets biased).  That's stretching it, and a bit far'fetched, but the way I analyise each game, it could be possible.  That'd give them 54 wins and 27 loses, the same record that we had in 2009.  I also predict that the Blazers will sweep the month of April.  However, the final game @GSW could go either way, depending if the game actually matters in the standings.

So, let's have a look.

Upcoming Games
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Sun 27  vs Atlanta  W  7:30pm  CSNNWHD    
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Tue 01  vs Houston  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Wed 02  @ Sacramento   W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Sat 05  vs Charlotte  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Mon 07  @ Orlando  W  4:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Tue 08  @ Miami  L  4:30pm  CSNNWHD    
 Fri 11  @ Charlotte  W  4:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Sat 12  @ Atlanta   W  4:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Tue 15  vs Dallas W  7:00pm  KGWHD    
 Thu 17  vs Cleveland  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Sat 19  vs Philadelphia  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Sun 20  @ LA Lakers  L  6:30pm  KGWHD    
 Tue 22  vs Washington  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Fri 25  vs San Antonio  W  7:00pm  KGWHD    
 Sun 27  @ Oklahoma City   W  5:00pm  KGWHD    
 Mon 28  @ San Antonio  L  5:30pm  CSNNWHD    
 Wed 30  @ New Orleans   W  5:00pm  CSNNWHD    
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Fri 01  vs Oklahoma City  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Sun 03  vs Dallas  W  6:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Tue 05  vs Golden State  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Thu 07  @ Utah   W  7:30pm      
 Fri 08  vs LA Lakers  W  7:00pm  KGWHD    
 Tue 12  vs Memphis  W  7:00pm  CSNNWHD    
 Wed 13  @ Golden State   W  7:30pm  CSNNWHD    

The main games I personally am looking forward to is...

@OKC on March 27th (Sadly, I'll likely miss this game.  It's going to be my 21st Birthday)
vs Dallas on March 15th and April 3rd
@Utah on April 7th
vs OKC on April 1st
@New Orleans on March 30th
@ San Antonio on March 28th
@Miami on March 8th
@Orlando on March 7th
@Utah on April 7th

So, Portland will win 50 games.  That's my prediction.  They also will win the first round against OKC.


  1. Good analysis. I agree that we should now be able to win 50 games. Losing only 3 more might be streatching it a bit, but you're right that we could win all but those 3 (which would be hard fought wins). Now imagain if we can get Joel back if he buys out. It would help us a lot into the playoffs having a big body when we play against taller teams.

    by Jestatom on 2/26/2011 12:36 PM
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