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Feb 25

Denver is better off without Melo

By Herr
  It's not often a team can see a bright future after their superstar claims he wants out.  But the Denver Nuggets, do I dare say it, got better?  And, is it possible that New York got worse?  Possibly.

 Tonight both teams loss, but the Nuggets have beat the Memphis Grizzlies and the Boston Celtics before getting one stolen against the Blazers here at the Rose Garden (and yes, the Blazers were lucky.  I don't even think Roy was planning on that shot going in when he threw it up).  Meanwhile, the Knicks struggled with the Milwaukee Bucks, closing them out in the final minutes.  They then went into Cleveland and loss tonight, who were without new Cav Baron Davis.

 It may just be a factor that the Heat had at the start, going once 8-7.  But, when we look at the Heat, their superstar duo is much better than the Knicks duo.  They right now are 1-1, with two games against non playoff contenders (in the East).

Carmelo Anthony made threats to New York that he would resign with Denver if they didn't make a trade to make him a Knick.  Both the Nuggets and Melo bluffed, and the Knicks bought it, giving up much of the supporting cast that made them a tough team.

  During the season, before the deadline, the Nuggets saw troubles with Carmelo Anthony wanting the trade, causing much drama in Denver.  And it appears that maybe Carmelo Anthony ballhogged to impress the Knicks in the games he scored high amounts, rather than win the game, even though he denies it on Twitter.

 Denver played it well, and got a great trade for what they HAD to give up.  Felton has been a main reason the Knicks have seen success.  Gallonari and Chandler are great shooters who can drive (Gallonari showed that last night) and put up big numbers, and also on the hustle boards.  The only thing they lack is a closer.  But, with rising star (and believe me, this guy will be a star) Aaron Afflalo, the Nuggets could have traded everything old for something new and better.  The Nuggets got a young supporting cast, and if Aaron Afflalo develops into a closer, the Nuggets could still be a threat in this league.  I wouldn't count them out just yet, and I hope people aren't.  This team, when focused, is fairly dangerous.


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