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Feb 23

blazerlaker game champions what they are made of

By oregongal47 view (TG)
I finally got the chance to go to a blazer/laker game tonight after many years of seeing them on tv or listening via radio.  All I have to say about  being able to go to a live game  it was all that and more!! Where do I start?  I will try to start at the beginning...

the first thing that shocked me as I was leaving for the rosegarden was how many laker fans live here in portland. One of the first things I saw at the platform at Gateway Transit center was a laker jersey.  I did not see very many blazer fans yet. I was like ruh oh.  It got worse as I got on the train there were more Laker fans sitting or standing on the train.  I saw a few blazer fans but thought is this a home game or an away game.  It was an eye opener for me.  I dont hate laker fans but they are of a different mind set then blazer fans.  I tried to not do anything to provoke but took it all in in shock. I guess I live in a vacume here supporting my home team and forget there are other fans of other teams that live in this town. I cant figure out why anyone would not love the blazers but I am a fan because I grew up in this state and this is my team....anyhow I respect they love their team too and that is fine with me.  

I met up with my fellow blazer chat lady and we both went to our first tweet up.  A tweet up is an event the blazers do every month or so. It is where fellow blazer fans meet up and they get to listen to guests come in and be interviewed. tonight we got to meet Brian Grant.  He is still that classy player I loved back in the day.  He was my fave during that era of 2000?  we also met a few other blazer chatters we had not met yet and that was fun.  there was some blazer trivia games and you had all play where you tweeted and those competing. i got questions right but was not fast enough on tweeting. lol  anyhow the other cool thing is you get in a drawing to win some great seats and if you have tickets you might get upgraded and then you can give your tickets to someone else in a drawing if you choose so that someone who does not have tickets can go to the game.  It is fun and if you get to check it out do so.  It was fun.  also the blazer dancers were there.  let me tell you they are as pretty as on tv if not better.  

Now on to the game....I had a surprise that totally took me off guard. I had just finished watching rudy do this dive and save into the scorers table.  When I noticed that some tv cameras were coming my way up into section 325 they were right in front of me. I started waving at the camera (I am a bit of a ham and a bit mischevious) and was thinking they were doing crowd shots as the game was on tv. then they stopped in my row and the next thing I know they handing me a bag full of things all blazers.  my freind next to me was saying what is this for? i missed totally what had happend til it happened as i was in schock. i ended up on tv and on the jumbotron that was so much fun. I ended up with a cap, a sweatshirt which I need to find if i can get in a smaller size the thing is huge on my five foot three frame....lol and as i looked further in bag I found tickets for a future game in the lower level section 114.  I was so shocked as I had been saying as I left the tweet up I never win anything.  I did and it was surprising and fun.  ty blazers for the gift I will cherish that memory forever....i will be taking my partner in crime to the game so no asking if you can go. lol  it is the san antonio game.  as I said it was fun to have that happen and I can tell you I lost five minutes of that second quarter as I was somewhere else...those in my row were happy for me.  I only told my freind the person sitting next to me what was in bag as far as tix went as I did not want that getting out....lower level tix valuable ...

now on to the game and my thoughts on this game....

Everyone talks about champions and wanting a championship again in this town.  I saw a movie this weekend that gave me insight into the heart of a champion.  It was a horse racing movie called Secretariat.  Secretariat was the greatest horse racer that has ever lived.  Secretariat one the triple crown which has not been one by very many horses.  the triple crown consists of  the kentucky derby, belmont stakes 3 wks after  kentucky and then the preakness two or three weeks later.  If you win that your considered a champion among champions.  Well Secretariat had that killer instinct that did not back down when given the chance to do what he did well which was run.  he was pushed in that final race to run harder thinking he would not be able to do it.  well that horse ran off so fast that it was one of the fastest races ever done.  they said one thing about a champion they do not back down when their backs are against the wall and they have that killer instinct that knows when to go for it...they do what they are gifted to do...

As I was watching the game tonight I did not see that fighting spirit or killer instinct in this team do they have it yes do they believe they have it not sure.  I will say several factors attributed to this coming off all star break a week off it throws you out of stride and also the stupid trade deadline weighs heavy on your mind.  another factor maybe this team is afraid of  the lakers as they are champs...I saw them backing off on plays they should have finished.  getting a ball stolen and running down the court and then stopping and not folllowing thru on a shot to go for the jugular instead they passed it and slowed down giving la a chance to get down the floor and defend.  I also saw some sloppy shooting and too much timidity.  I forgot one key thing they were working in brandon roy for the first time.  Brandon had that timidity too.  He had that fast break then he did not go to basket to take it in....I  am hoping the killer instinct and going for the jugular happens with this team. if they dont have more then one player doing it this team is not going to get out of the first round of play offs.  as your nearing home stretch you have to get stronger and keep going.  The heart of a true champion never gives up even under adversity.  you have to believe in yourself and believe what you can do no matter what is thrown in your face. i saw a few players acting that way but not enough...maybe once trade deadline is past, brandon roy gets worked in and back in shape and they get the all star break behind them things will happen.  I believe in this team and love this team...I want to see that killer instinct that every champion possesses....

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