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Feb 23

Thank You Cho!

By begonza
First and foremost, you made a very good decision on letting the team stay as-is. It means a lot to me and to everyone who see the current Blazers team having the potential to make it through. Of all the many options lined-up in front of you, though they may made have a huge impact in the future of the team, you still made it that way. For that I salute you!

There's a lot of potential in this team, the way they played the Lakers tonight showed the power yet to be unleashed by our own LaMarcus. In this game, we saw where LaMarcus will take his next step--Gasol being the target of his next challenge.

For that I can't wait. I can't wait to see that time where we control the moment and simply hold it in the palm of the Blazers' hands.

Again, Cho, you made the right decision on this one. Hats off to you!!! 


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