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Feb 23

What A Win Against L.A. Would Mean for Portland

By CrazyRusty Posted in: Blazers, BrandonRoy, Lakers, LaMarcusAldridge
Tonight the Blazers get back into the swing of things after a nice week off.  The All-Star break has been proven to enhance teams play or decrease the play.  For the Blazers, the break gave them a chance to rest up.  For players who have been playing, rest from all the high minute playing time.  For those who were injured, a chance to rest up without the pressure of playing the next day.  Brandon Roy could potentially see some playing time tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Marcus Camby has been ruled out but he inches even closer to a come back each day.

So what will a win tonight do for the Blazers?  Well for starters, it will give them a win over our arch rivals.  The team that everyone in Portland hates (unless you're one of the California migrants that infect our city).  Secondly, it will give Portland their 7th win in a row.  That might not seem important but a win will give Portland their longest winning streak in over three years.

The Lakers are coming off of a big win against the Clippers but are on the second night of a back to back. LaMarcus is averaging 26.3 points and 9.7 rebounds since a loss to Dallas on Dec. 15.  If the Blazers want to win, they must continue to go through him and hope that he continues his strong play.  With B Roy back in the lineup, players minutes should go down and provide more rest.  Let's just hope we continue to use LaMarcus and don't go Brandon Roy iso-offense.  
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