Feb 22

Back to Cheering Our Team

By blazerdarren77
  Finally! The time has come to get back to cheering on the Blazers. What a better way to let all the couped up energy that has been inside all of us out by having the hated Lakers come to town. The Garden will be rocking, Brandon and Marcus might be playing (Roy is questionable while Marcus may be doubtful; THAT BETTER NOT HAPPEN!) and the team will be rested.
  As for most of us as fans, we're restless. We've been watching all the trade rumors divide us as fans; is it a good idea or bad? Should they make a trade? Should they remain as is? AHHHHH! I can't take it anymore! Is it Thursday yet?(the day of the trade deadline) I just want this team to play-and play now!
  Then we can get back to our chats during the games. We can say hi to one another, cheer when a spectacular play is done, trash-talk each other, talk about useless topics that make others go what? We can diss all the haters that give up on the team if the opponent scores first, blame the refs if the team is struggling, LOL the broadcast crew's witty comments (TV or radio) or other fans(like mine), goggles a 3 pointer, or type in ALL CAPS THAT ANNOY OTHERS WHO HATE IT. When the games is over, we're elated if they win, deflated should they lose. Then all at once, fans sign off and all at once, other fans bid them good riddance.
  If you're like me, you check your starting 5 results and hope you are in a 50-way tie for 1st. You check to see if Mike Barrett blogged about the game and if he did, you type a reply to it, which I'm sure he doesn't read them (jk).
  So bring on the rest of the season. Let's enjoy the ride. Let's enjoy the chats. Let's get happy or sad together for our team. LET OUR TEAM PLAY!


  1. Yeah! I'm amped for tonight! See you in the chat.

    Oh btw, Mike Barrett reads every comment. :)

    by sarahhecht on 2/23/2011 9:56 AM
  2. Yeah!!! Well said Darren you get me pumped!!!

    by Justin.Molter on 2/23/2011 11:23 AM
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