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Feb 22

In Response to News Article, "Armon Johnson Recalled From Idaho Stampede"

By Just Tim
The Portland Trail Blazers recalled guard Armon Johnson from the NBA Development League's Idaho Stampede, it was announced today by Ge

Sounds like the quiet move before the big storm.  If I had to guess, it's preparation for the departure of Andre Miller and transition to Devin Harris. I am still not sure that is a good move but perhaps inevitable with Brandon's role likely to transition more to spot-up shooter and facilitator for other's offense (primarily LaMarcus). As much as I like Andre's game, the numbers don't lie.  Even with B-Roy in the lineup we still struggled mightily to score on a consistent basis.  Our new look offense still has us near the bottom in offensive efficiency. Something clearly needs to change and perhaps PG is the place to start. 

Anyone else feel the same?


  1. you probably wrote this before Harris was traded to the nets, but i really didn't see Harris-for-Andre happening anyway. i'd like to see your source for the comment about our new-look offense being at the bottom. i haven't researched it myself, but that's pretty far from my impression of it. one day, Andre will move on, but Harris in return was not the answer. now, recalling Armon could be a sign of a big storm coming -- in the form of a playoff run. his time in idaho was never meant to be long-term and i think, barring a trade before tomorrow's deadline, it's merely a matter of having all the guys available to the blazers at this time.

    by Kassandra on 2/23/2011 10:16 AM
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