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Feb 21

Melo to NY

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Knicks, Nets, Nuggets
Carmelo is going to NY directly or through NJ on his way to Brooklyn  either way the Nuggets are the clear winner, Carmelo is not worth players and 4 first round picks from NJ or 1/2 of NY's roster C. Brewer and at least 1 #1 pick. Although he is a good player he is not consistent enough to lead the talented Nuggets to the finals let alone a depleted team that he will be traded to after giving up the farm to get him. I say wait till the end of the season and get him without a trade when he is a free agent, Denver is asking way too much for someone they are going to lose anyhow. Carmelo does not want to go to NJ and NY is also offering too much to put a contender around him.


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