Feb 20

A List of Blazer Participants

By blazerdarren77
  With it being All-star weekend, I thought I would research and see how many Blazer players were represented in the slam dunk, 3 point shootout, and rookie/sophomore game:


Clyde Drexler-5 times (84,85,87-89)  It was in 89 that he made the finals against Kenny "Sky" Walker. Had he succeeded on both of his dunk attempts, he would've won hands down.

Jerome Kersey-4 times (86-89)  It was in 87 that he made the finals against Jordan. Although he was picked as a dark horse, it was no surprise that Jordan would win it.

Rudy Fernandez- Once (09)

There have been other players that were in the dunk contest that were with other teams but did play with the Blazers at one time;Scottie Pippen, Shawn Kemp,Stacey Augmon, Robert Pack, Isaiah (J.R.) Rider (who won in 94), and even Antonio Harvey (yes our Tone was a participant; who'd thunk it?)


Terry Porter- twice (91,93) once with San Antonio (2000) In both of his stints as a Blazer, he made the finals, only to be runner-up in both (Craig Hodges in 91 and Mark Price in 93)

Kiki Vandeweghe- once in 87 and eliminated in the 1st round.

Drexler- once in 91

Clifford Robinson- once in 96

Other participants that played for other teams but did play for Portland later on in the shoot-out included Danny Ainge, Detlef Schrempf, Drazen Petrovich, Steve Kerr (who won it in 97), Walt Williams, Tracy Murray, Steve Smith, and Channing Frye.


Arvydas Sabonis- in 96, he played significant in the first half but sat out the second half due to tightness in his knee (shocker)

Kevin Cato- 98

Brandon Roy- 07,08

LaMarcus Aldridge- 08

Rudy Fernandez- 09

Greg Oden- 09  Did not play due to injury.

Wesley Matthews- 11. 15 pts, 6 assts, 4 reb, 2 3pt goggles. A decent performance, but his squad lost to the rookies 148-140.

Other rookies and sophs that later became Blazers include Rider, Brian Grant, Juwan Howard, Damon Stoudamire (MVP in 96), Rasheed Wallace, Marcus Camby,Darius Miles, and Channing Frye.

So if you count all the ones who participated as Blazers, that's 3 dunkers, 4 three point shooters, and 7 rookie/sophomores. Would've been nice to see more Blazer players, but I can live with that. Just would've been nice to see either Clyde or Terry win their contests when they had the chance.


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