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Feb 20

The "Dunk" Contest

By Herr
  Well. I promised myself I wouldn't watch the dunk contest simply to protest the All-Star game, but here I found myself sitting on my couch, with a laptop on my lap, bored out of my mind.  So, I turned on the TV, and I'm glad I did.

 In my opinion, this was one of the better dunk contests I've seen.  It was filled with impressive dunks, exciting dunks, and flashy moves.  What more could we ask for in a dunk contest?  How about a fair victory?

 According to Dunk Contest Winner Blake Griffin, one of his best friends passed away on Wednesday, and he dedicated his victory to his friend.  For the NBA, it was a perfect victory.  For the Blake Griffin fans, it was a sweet victory.  For the regular fans, it was a bitter sweet victory.  For those that understand true basketball and talent, it was a defeat.

  I'm not much of a person for making bizarre conspiracies, although I do believe quite a few conspiracies that are out there,  but this dunk contest was too easily predicted.

 We all know that the dunk contest winner was voted in by the fans.  It was Blake Griffin vs Javell McGee in the final round.  Blake Griffin was up first.  On his dunk, he had a car pull into the arena and under the hoop, and had a local choir singing "I believe I can fly".  Baron Davis (his teammate), was in the car with the ball, who alley-oop'd it to Griffin from the sunroof.  Griffin then leaped over the hood of the car and slammed it home.  McGee, who looked fairly clueless as of what to do, did a simple reverse, one handed dunk and ducked his head from preventing himself from colliding with the backboard.

 Fans voted, and Griffin won with 67% of the vote.

However, it wasn't the final round that got people turning their heads.
  At the start of the dunk contest, when the contestants were being announced, it wasn't a surprise who the favorite was.  As the first three contestands were announced, you could barely hear the crowd over the music of the PA system.  When Blake Griffin took the floor, it was the exact opposite.  You couldn't hear the music over the roar of the crowd.
 First up was Derozan, who did an alley-oop, between the legs, dunk.  He needed around 4-5 attempts to do the dunk, and received a 44.

Next up was Serge Ibaka, who jumped from the free-throw line and dunked it.  Something MJ and Erving have tried before, and needed to be closer to the hoop.

Next up was McGee, who brought out an extra hoop and placed them side by side.  McGee had two balls in his hand, and dunked them both after about 6 tries.

Next up was Griffin, who did a 360 dunk.  He needed around 4 tries, and his first attempt got more roars (even though it failed) than any of the other contestants.  His first attempt was much more entertaining than his actual dunk, in which he needed less of a throw down in his dunk and to have more hangtime.

On their second attempts...

DD did, what he called, a "show stopper", and it indeed was. It recieved a 50, which still wasn't enough to beat Griffin and McGee.

Ibaka placed a stuffed animal on the rim.  He went to dunk the ball, and bite the animal off the rim and hold it in his mouth.

Griffin did a simple tomahawk dunk that was an alley-oop.  It recieved a 46 (his first was a 49), one point more than Ibaka's two dunks which both recieved 45's (even though the first was record breaking).

McGee dunked 3 balls into one hoop.

It's the first round that people have their heads turning, knowing that Griffin should not have been there above Ibaka or DD.  However, he was there, and it was no real surprise.

Why would the NBA let the main attraction fall in the first round?  He's got the location on his side, the highest number of dunks in the NBA, and has been the main attraction of the entire contest.  It's always been about Griffin since they found the contestants.

  It appears that, once again, the NBA uses these All-star events to simply make money, rather than show off player talents.  The whole reason Kevin Love was voted in over LaMarcus Aldridge was because of the amount of double-double's Love has (who is consistently stat padding), and that got people excited, even though LaMarcus has proved that he is by far the better powerforward.

The All-Star games have always been biased in their achievements.


  1. they need to adjust the judging in that each failed dunk attempt will cost you a half point from each judge; maybe they won take that many attempts trying the same dunk; i did like McGee and the 2 hoops after trying a bazillion times

    by blazerdarren77 on 2/20/2011 7:26 PM
  2. Ibaka was robbed of a historic All-Star moment. He's the only player who can say he actually jumped from the free-throw line. That dunk deserved a 50. DD's show stopper dunk was one of the sickest dunks I've ever seen. But the last round of dunks very lackluster from how well it started off. It's about elevating the presentation now. That's what all the announcers, except Charles, were selling, but I'm not buying it. Get back to elevating your dunks.

    by ShalamarClark on 2/21/2011 9:23 AM
  3. personally i wasnt that impressed with the dunk over a car, i have seen it in a show before, and honestly you see how close the car was parked he had 2 feet before the freethrow line- (Not impressed).... now the dunking 2 balls into 2 hoops side by side (daymn good) , and the 3 ball dunk by mcgee- that to me was impressive

    by Jesse Jones on 2/21/2011 7:45 PM
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