Feb 16

The Biggest Blazer Hater

By blazerdarren77
  Tell me you haven't heard this one before. On, Bill Simmons talked to NBA commissioner David Stern about the state of the league for about an hour. And you'll never guess who he did not mention? Yes, our Blazers. Not even a single player from our team.
  He talked about the usual teams that do well; Celts, Lakers, Heat. He talked about up and coming teams; Thunder, Bulls, Grizzlies. He even talked about teams with emerging young players; Clippers(Griffin), Warriors(Curry and Ellis), Kings(Evans). He talked about the usual stars; LeBron, Kobe. Hello? Any Blazer talk out there? No mention of how this team continues to win despite all the injuries they've sustained the last 2 years? Is that not impressive enough for you, commish?
  He then talked about other topics (possible lockout, contraction of the Hornets, the Seattle situation) that relates to the NBA in general. The only thing I could find that he may have mentioned the team was that, in effect, the Hornets are owned by the other 29 teams in the league, including the Trailblazers. WOW!
  If you want to hear the entire interview, you can go to and click on the Bill Simmons link, but don't do what I did; lose a precious hour of your life that you will never get back.
  Mr. Stern, you say your contract is up each year and you could leave or retire as Commissioner. PLEASE DO! We as Blazer fans will throw you the best retirement party ever; a bouquet of roses with just the thorns! A perfect gift for you from all of us for the many times you've stuck us with your oversight of us. So go away and take your puppets ...ERRRRRR! those buddies of yours you call referees with you. And if you're concerned about the future of the league, don't be. It will do just fine with the new commissioner, (insert any former Blazer great)!


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