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Feb 16

Milwaukee is East and Memphis is West?

By Roland
Just something to ponder about regarding geographic location or hence the NBA's assessment of them. 

So on the world map Milwaukee, WI is 43, 2'2"N latitude / 87, 57' 38"W longitude while Memphis, TN is 35, 2'2"N latitude / 90, 2' 56" W longitude. Both these cities seem to line up w/ Chi. 

Traveling by car you actually head east first as you travel from Milwaukee to Memphis.
623 miles. This is the best route:
  1. Take I-94 EAST (actually south but signed as EAST) to Illinois where it continues as a TOLLWAY (Tri-State Tollway).
  2. Take I-94 EAST - TOLLWAY to I-294 TOLLWAY - SOUTH (continuation of Tri-State Tollway).
  3. Continue SOUTH on the Tri-State Tollway on I-294 to I-80 WEST to IOWA (TO I-57 SOUTH), then take I-80 4 miles WEST to I-57 SOUTH to MEMPHIS at EXIT 151A off I-80.
  4. Take I-57 SOUTH to I-55 SOUTH to MEMPHIS at EXIT 1A in Missouri.
  5. Take I-55 SOUTH to Memphis.


  1. I'm thinking this is because the Grizzles used to be in Vancouver, BC. When they moved east to Memphis the conferences weren't realigned.

    by sarahhecht on 2/17/2011 11:10 AM
  2. Those were my sentiments and then I recalled the Hornets which moved from Charlotte, NC to New Orleans, LA. I just never figured it out.

    by Roland on 2/20/2011 7:37 PM
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