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Feb 16 NBA best

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Little has been said about the current streak the Blazers are on.  They have won an NBA best 5-games in a row.  Now in the grand scheme of things, a 5 game winning streak isn't much to gloat about during an NBA season.  But for the Blazers, it's a blessing in disguise.  Everyone knows that we have been one, if not the most, injury ridden teams the past couple of seasons.  Yet time and time again, the core group of players we have find a way to win.  That's not news to anyone who follows the team but I think it's worth mentioning again.  This winning streak has boosted us to second in the Northwest Division and 6th in the Western Conference.  

Entering tonight's games, there are only four other teams in the NBA with some sort of winning streak:
Memphis-winners of 4 in a row
Chicago-winners of 3 in a row
Golden State-winners of 2 in a row
San Antonio-winners of 2 in a row

If the Blazers beat New Orleans tonight, the streak moves to 6 and the confidence going into the All-Star break will be higher than ever.  After tonight's game the team gets 10 days off and I can only dream that the team will be better after the All-Star break. 10 days off allows injured players to rest up and not worry about getting back to the court. 10 days allows LA to take a much deserved break. 10 days....from another Blazers victory!


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