Feb 14

Wanted: Blazer Fans in Central Oregon!

By blazerdarren77
 Are you a Blazer fan that lives over here in Bend, Redmond, Madras, and other Central Oregon towns? If so I'm calling out to you. I would like to form a group where we can all gather together and discuss what it's like to be a fan from so far away. We can discuss what the pros and cons are of having access to go to a game, which usually don't come as often as those who live in the Portland/Metro area. If you would like to get a hold of me, leave me a message on my fan page and maybe we can figure out how we can work this out, such as how often we meet, where we meet, and so on. 
  So come on! Show your Blazer pride in Central Oregon. Let's make it happen and who knows? We could start a trend that will cause fans in other regions of Oregon to do the same. Let's live up to the trailblazer name we as Oregonians are.
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