Feb 13

Never Settle

By blazerdarren77
  If the play-offs were to start today, Portland would be the #8 seed. Thank goodness there's plenty of basketball left to play. Right now one game separates 5 through 8 in the loss column. New Orleans (#5) is 33-23 but is 3-7 in their last 10 games. Denver and Utah (#6 &7) are 31-24 and are both 4-6 in their last 10. If the Melo trade does happen and with Jerry Sloan's departure, look for both of them to continue to slide in the standings. The Blazers are now 30-24 with a 6-4 record including 4 straight wins. #9 Memphis has made a serious push into play-off contention going 8-2 in their last 10 games. Phoenix (26-26), Houston (25-30), and Golden State(24-29) are also in the mix. The way things are going, the Blazers look to continue to make a strong push for a higher play-off seed. It wouldn't surprise me if they make it as high as a fifth seed at season's end.
  But this Blazer fan is NOT content with that. I want to see them go even higher. Why not root for them to still go for the division title? They are still within striking distance of Oklahoma City at 4 1/2 games behind. They are due to redeem their 2 losses to them earlier in the year. Both of those games should've gone our way. If Brandon hits the game winner at home and Rudy hits that three in OKC, that's how close those games are. Their first shot at them is on 3/27 at OKC. Then their home game is on April 1st (no joke). I have to say that the way LaMarcus has been playing and with Brandon and Marcus back, hopefully back to their normal playing selves, they have a real shot at making up those 2 games.
  But let's not stop there. Why not catch the Lakers for that matter? Surprisingly, Portland is 7 1/2 games behind them. There's plenty of games to make up that gap. They play them 3 more times with 2 of them at our house and you all know that we get up for them at the Rose Garden.
Now I could be even greedier about catching Dallas (38-16 and doable) and San Antonio (45-9) but I'm also realistic to know that's not likely to happen, but hey, we can dream, right? Stranger things have happened, so why not?
  As exciting as it is to be a Blazer fan now, with the way the team has battled through, why not aim high as the guys start getting key guys back? Can you imagine how rocking the Garden will be should they get a 1st round home court advantage? And what if they should get out of that opening round, which I believe they will? Then you will see Blazermania the way it was back in the early 90s and mid 70s. For those of you who have never experienced it before, it's a feeling unlike any other as a fan. So be greedy. If we all can feel this way, then in this sense, greed is good! 


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