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Apr 21

round 1 game 2 vs. Houston

By Salesguy
WOW! I had heartburn watching the back the back and forth! what an incredible response to the game 1 disaster.  I was very impressed with the way that the entire starting 5 played and moved the ball.  I liked to see the attitude greg took with Yao whaen he gave him a little shove and the firey attitude that Joel took with the team on the floor.  You can tell he knows that Brandon is the leader, but sticks his head in to scream at the guys as "the big man".

Steve B was still exploited last night for not being able to keep up with their smaller and quicker point guards.  It seems like it would be a good idea to mix in Bayless for about 10-15 minutes when the other starters are on the floor.  I think he has enough attitude to not let the hype get to him and he will defend like a monster.  Sergio was "off again" as he still doesn't know what to do with himself in the playoffs.

T-Law still needs to get better and more comfortable.  It looks like there as some improvement, but if we are going to steal 1 in Houston, we will need to have better bench scoring and better defending (more fouls spread out).  Seems like Ruffin could be used for 2 minutes here and there to use some harder fouls on them, with his (even limited experience), he may know what to do to "play his part".

I liked the use of the "twin towers", but it sure did make me nervous with GO's inability to stay away from the ticky tack one's; though he did a better job of it last night.

Overall, it was good to see the confidence growing and I am excited to see how they step up in 3 and 4.  I sure hope they didn't exhaust themselves last night.  B Roy looked spent at the end.    
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