Feb 10

The Cabin Fever Effect

By blazerdarren77
  We've all been there. We get a lengthy illness or injury that coups us up in our house or apartment for many days. Can't do anything; go to work or school, go shopping, do anything fun. You can't eat the foods you normally eat if you have the flu or have had major dental work. You watch TV, but all the daytime shows bore you to death. You go on the computer, but all the browsing wears you out. The radio? At one point all the songs on your preset stations are lame or all of them are on commercials. The days drag. You are chomping at the bits to get back to your normal routine. You might think you're done with your cabin fever, only to suffer a relapse because you got back to your routine  too soon. Now you have to be back to the boredom of recovery, again.
  That's the feeling I get when I hear that Brandon and Marcus are hoping to return to the lineup during this weekend's road trip. They're antsy to get back to the team. I get that. As fans, we want them to return real soon. We're antsy too. Nate would like them to return, but he's thinking what's best for the team not only now, but the rest of the year. Initially I thought they should return for this road trip, and they still might. I thought it would be good for them to get a few games in before the all-star break. That way they could shake off any rust they might have and rest up a bit and be able to go at it full strength after the break.
  But if they return too soon, where will that leave them in the days to come? They have a couple of tough games out of the gate against the Lakers and Nuggets. We could sure use them at that point. So after thinking about it, it's my opinion that they should just rest up through the break and be ready to go when they take on the Lakers at home. Imagine how much more electric the atmosphere will be upon their return. I get goose bumps just thinking about it, and I'm not even going to be at the game (I wish I could; oh well) 
  So take your time Brandon and Marcus. You'll be glad you did. Focus on being ready for the Lakers and Nuggets. We'll welcome you back in a big way. That will help you guys feel better.
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