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Feb 10

the re emergence of seeing a superstar in the making

By oregongal47 view (TG) Posted in: LaMarcusAldridge
I have been thinking of this blog all week trying to think how to word it so it will be interesting and others will know where I am coming from.  Before I get to the theme of what I am writing let me write this first. I have been a basketball fan for years and have followd this team from championship season onward except for the jailblazers era...

now to try and word this right...I have been following La Marcus Aldridge all season and been seeing him turn into the player we were all hoping for.  He has been truly amazing this season leading this team with roy down and the others who are out with knee surgaries. Seeing him play of late has brought me back to a time where I remember seeing clyde,terry, buck, jerome and duck emerge as players peaking at the right time.  I especially remember clyde he was not so great when he got here he had to pay his dues learn the game but when hebroke out he broke out. I see that happening with La Marcus or LA as we call him here. I have seen a  young player totally change his body in the off season and change how he plays the game(wondering if there is some influence from buck who is now an asst coach here). I saw someone before this season who was afraid to go inside, be defensive etc.  Not anymore I think that change happend as he made his body stronger to be able to do those things and the fact he knew he had to lead this team and the confidence the coaches and teammates have him as helped...I think most of us fans believed he was capable of this but he had to believe it.  I think he truly believes in himself.

After Monday's game I did not get to see it but the description of wheels and tone gave me a great visual of what was going on.  When I heard LA doing a dunk clinic or dunk exhibition and other things it took me back in time.  I was like where did I see this before and it did not take me long to realize it.  I remember seeing clyde and terry putting on those kind of games mainly clyde.  Clyde would destroy opponents with the many  moves he could do and I saw that happen in LA.  It was also great to see him pull what no one has done since Clyde pull two forty plus point games in a row.  It was great to hear the crowd going crazy knowing what he was about to do.  It is good to see someone emerge the old school way.  learn the game and grow into it and gain confidence thru paying your dues. I think it is his time and he is peaking at the right time in his career.

Also this one thing I know is it took me back to happy time with this team before the jailblazers and other contreversies before that.  such as firing certain coaches and front office personnel and coaches who were not so popular here.  I hope to see and continue great things from this team but LA has been on another planet and it saddened me that someone so deserving and working so hard was not recognized to be able to go the all star game.  I say next year he will go...

good to see rip city coming back...I see great things for this team and I love all these young men!  they are great guys on and off the court and good to see them bonding so well.


  1. i don't remember Clyde playing here but i've been told that he was incredible to watch and could dunk from just about anywhere on the court. i nearly come to tears when i think about how far LaMarcus has come in just one year. i don't recall following someone from the beginning of their career to all-star level. this has truly been special. i read this about LaMarcus on this site recently, and it's so true; whenever he is asked about his performance, he always diverts his comments to encompass the entire team. he's a very special player and a very special person. great blog!

    by Kassandra on 2/10/2011 8:26 PM
  2. ty kassandra and that gave me tears and goosebumps knowing your seeing this for the first time. enjoy the ride! One thing I left off blog was that this team is similar to the year the blazers went to finals. no one thought the team would do much outside of portland fans and we saw the emergence of a team gel. you know these guys liked each other off the court. i agree la is a very special player and so humble!

    by oregongal47 view (TG) on 2/10/2011 9:20 PM
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